Glenkirk PTO

October Meeting Minutes


Date, Time, and Location: Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019, at 6:30 pm in the school library

Meeting called to order by President Lynn Mallon at 6:30 pm.

Attendance: Jen Oister, Crystal Perseo, Page Cabe, Anamaria Wyatt, Amber Cregan, Amy Hildreth, Lisa Walsh, Amanda Golden, Sharron Land, Jennifer Tracy, Gherri Yaeger, Alison Onaran, Garima Paris, Olivia LoBalbo, Heather Sauer, Courtney Taubken, Karla Pekor, Ejatu Jalloh, Beth Anderson, Heather Kilgore, Marisa Miranda, Karen Bath, Lynn Mallon, Kristen Gustafson

Minutes: The minutes of 9/3/19 were reviewed and accepted.

Officers’ Reports

President: given by Lynn Mallon

  • Welcomed and thanked new parents for attending.
  • PTO meeting minutes are posted online for those who cannot attend meetings, and there has been positive feedback on that.

    Treasurer: given by Jennifer Oister

  • This year’s budget was emailed out to members. 32 members unanimously voted through the email poll to approve the budget. Heather Kilgore motioned to approve the budget, and all present agreed.
  • Currently we have 164 PTO members.
  • The Welcome Back event was under budget.
  • $507 has been spent on teacher stipends, as well as $375 for last year’s tax preparation.

Committee Reports

  •  Spirit Wear: given by Page Cabe

  • PTO has already made $1500 in sales.
  • The camo, princess, and castle tees have been very successful.
  • Staff orders have been fulfilled. Staff should notify PTO if they haven’t received their orders yet.
  • Page is hoping to get student orders out this Friday. 

    Fall SEP: given by Lynn Mallon

  • So far 96 students have signed up for Fall SEP.Registration closes tomorrow. The outside vendor classes are full, but there are a couple classes that are still slightly under the minimum enrollment needed.
  • Parents have offered very positive feedback about Enrichment Matters. The company has been prompt and helpful with individual concerns about the registration process.
  • One parent shared that she could not find Glenkirk on the EM website when searching, so we will share that need with Mr. K. 

    5th Grade Staff Luncheon: given by Lynn Mallon

  • Tanya Donalty is organizing the luncheon for tomorrow. All needed slots have been filled! 

    Talent Show: given by Lynn Mallon

  • Auditions are this week.
  • Samantha Fulda is looking for help. 

    Family Events: given by Lynn Mallon

  • We are seeking ideas for the January and February family events. The goal is to spend less than $500 on each. Safety, logistics, and budget must be taken into consideration.
  • Ideas shared by parents and staff include: magician, science, dance, movie, obstacle course, bubble show, Harlem Wizards, kids Escape Room, GKES vs. GMS, and parents sending Valentine gifts, such as carnations, lollipops, and Smencil grams.
  • PTO will look into availability and send a poll to members for a vote. 

    Pack 28: given by Olivia LoBalbo

  • 40 kids and parents planted 100 bulbs in the school garden. They are looking into possible grants through the PWC outdoor initiative for a pollinator. Mrs. Miranda said the school tried to receive a self-sustaining grant last year but did not get it.
  • They continue to pick up trash and will receive a plaque after one more trash clean up.
  • The kids are very excited to see and share their efforts.

Box Tops: given by Kristen Gustafson

  • The Box Tops app now allows parents to give credit to a teacher or grade level when submitting online receipts. Mrs. Miranda said the kids are loving the castle system and are excited about it, even though there isn’t a prize. For the first Box Tops contest, we will see which castle brings in the most!
  • For parents who go online grocery orders, they can forward their receipts to Box Tops to receive credit.

Principal’s Address: given by Marisa Miranda

  • Mrs. Miranda thanked Spirit Wear for adding the castle tee shirts and is thinking about adding other new items. Students will be in the same castle their entire time at Glenkirk.
  • The Welcome Back ice cream social was hugely successful. We went through 21 gallons (500 scoops) of ice cream and still ran out. Next year we will remind families to RSVP and come early.
  • Boosterthon is our one big fundraiser and is starting soon. They will try to limit emails and phone calls. Boosterthon is very fun! It does not interfere with educational time. The company is aware of our new castle system and might incorporate that this year. She and Mrs. Kilgore are coming up with ideas for the 50 state challenge.

New Business

Gardening:  Alison Onaran shared ideas from PWC for garden ideas, including Master Gardeners, VA Tech, Lowe’s donations, and local nurseries.  It also has ideas by grade level and other resources. Jen Oister said this is another way for the school to earn extra money.  Similar to Amazon Smile, parents can begin shopping at and then the school automatically receives 1-10%.  All she has to do is sign up, and there is no fee.

Next meeting is Tuesday, November 12 at 6:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm.

Minutes compiled by Kristen Gustafson, PTO Secretary