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Hello Golden Knights!  

My virtual office hours will be Tuesdays 9-10am.  
Please feel free to email me with any questions or just to say hello!

Glenkirk Art Activities to do at home.

Take items around the house and create a small sculpture.  
Use artist, John Chamberlain or author, Hanoch Piven as inspiration.

Design your own car, bike, jet or another form of transportation.  
Label it's special features.

Using any drawing materials, make up an animal.  This could be a combination of a few animals or your own idea.

Using any drawing materials you have, create a drawing of a room in your house.  
Bedroom, living room, play room?

Create a comic strip for a newspaper.  Write the dialogue in each frame to tell the story.  
Use Charles Schulz and Peanuts comic as inspiration.

Using any drawing materials you have, create a portrait of someone who lives in your house.  What makes them special?

Using any materials you have, create an artwork that can hang.  Mobile or window are.  
Use artist Alexander Calder for inspiration.

Using any materials you have, draw something that made you happy today.  
Animal, person, show, activity or game.

Websites that offer virtual learning. PWCS approved Fine ARTS sites.

NGAkids Art Zone
National Gallery of Art's interactive offerings which feature a variety of art-making tools.

National Gallery of Art
Lesson plans and resources to adapt to online learning.

Keith Haring Kids
Lesson plans, coloring books, etc.

Arts Integration from the Kennedy Center
Lesson plans available to adapt to online learning

An Ongoing List of Sources for online art education
Resources and advice for creating online learning

Dick Blick Lesson Plans

VA Department of Education Link to Visual Art Curriculum

Lesson plans for all ages; includes great ideas!

Lesson plans and other teaching materials that use arts to explore science, history, math and more.

80 art games for kids of all ages, art videos, blog and more!

Incredible Art
Lesson plans, art media tutorials, games and online art activities