3/23/2020 Update: 

I am in complete shock that our in-class school year has come to an end. Please know that that does not mean that I am not here for you all and I will not be in constant contact.  We will be adding a pacing calendar to our 4th grade team page. I am also putting a document in the Work at Home folder below. This will show you all the objectives learned by students in the 5 core subjects prior to this break. You can use this as a guide to review at home. As more we get more information I will be sure to update you and keep you in the loop. 

Last Friday I sent home/uploaded a number of items that are optional things to work on. Please don't stress about a schedule and making sure they get enough school time in, it is all uncharted territory for us all and we will figure it out together. Do what works best for your family.
Here are a few ideas if you are struggling: 

  • Make a list of family/friends that aren't in your house. Each day have your kiddos pick one to write a card/note to send them. This will help brighten their day too when they get mail! I'm considering this my kiddos "writing" block. 🙂 
  • They are MORE than welcome to email me a note. Let me know what they are up to, tell me jokes, tell me their deepest darkest secrets/worries, anything! I love getting emails!! 
  •  Send me a selfie! I'd love to get a selfie or two of them doing ANYTHING!! Puzzles, making a fort, reading, watching a movie, playing video games
  • Do a puzzle.  I started a 1,000 piece puzzle with my family and thought it would be so fun to do together as a family...….guess who is the only one doing it now.....yep - ME!!  😳 😂
  • Do some Brain Breaks by Coach Pirillo or have a dance party  

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything, have questions or concerns.  I'm only an email away and as soon as I know anything I will be sure to be in contact and let you know. ❤️

Here are some more suggestions:  

Study Island is the best review website for specific curriculum objectives. Students have been assigned certain lessons and practice activities based on the curriculum objectives. Try having them do one or two in reading and math each day. 


Dreambox is good for overall math practice. It is designed to work with the students at their current level and will adapt up or down as they work through the activities.  


Raz Kids is great for reading a short book and completing a comprehension practice. 


Each of our websites also has other good educational websites. Khan Academy is great. As a parent, you can create an account for your child and monitor his or her progress.  


SOL Pass is also available on our webpages. 


  Select Glenkirk ES 

  Password: glenkirk 

ORIGO at Homehttps://www.origoeducation.com/athome/

PWCS Home Learning: Site: http://www.pwcs.edu/academics___programs/home_learning


Don’t forget that we also sent the Virginia Studies review study guide and review quizzes for additional practice. 


Most of all, please have your students read each day. This is an excellent time to keep a journal or practice multiplication facts. Don’t forget to have some fun: do puzzles, play games, cook and play outside! 


3/13/2020 Update: 

Below you will find a Work at Home​ folder. This folder has a Social Studies review packet (also sent home on 3/13/20), and the Study Island calendar for March-May. These are both great resources to use while at home on the weekends and any breaks we have. Reading daily is always a GREAT way to keep up with reading comprehension and fluency. Students are always encouraged to write about their reading. (Conflict, theme, predictions, summary, favorite characters, least favorite characters, how the characters have changed throughout the book, etc.).

All students have log-in information inside their agendas for the following websites: 
- Dreambox
- Raz Kids
- Study Island  

I also heard that Mo Willems, the author of books like Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, There is a Bird on Your Head, and Knuffle Bunny is going to host a daily Lunch Doodles at 1:00 pm. He will show your children how to draw, doodle, and encourage writing. Wouldn't it be great if your children created a book of their own while on this extended break?! I know I have many students who would enjoy this opportunity to be creative with both drawing and writing.  


This is another great resource, Scholastic At home.  https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html 
Go to the bottom and pick grades 3-5 (or any grade for you other kiddos at home!)

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.  ~ Maya Angelou