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Kindergarten Learning from Home

I made a list of 10 simple things you can do with your kiddos to keep them learning during this long break from the classroom. Of course, there are so many online resources like games and videos, but I have also included hands on things to help balance that screen time!

1)    READ, READ, READ- keep up with your March/ April reading logs for stickers that they love to earn. Create a family challenge to see how many books your family can read during our break.


2)      Guided reading books were given out on Friday. The students should be able to read these “just right” books to you with ease.  If they are stuck on a word then encourage them to use their decoding strategies. They can do it ; ) Your role is to listen attentively, follow along in the book, and then ask comprehension questions.


3)      A few Reading Skills sheets were stapled together Friday that they can work on independently and you can check with them. These do not need to come back to school.


4)      Raz Kids Reading and Dreambox math are going to come in very handy these next few weeks as virtual learning options for reading and for math. They give you full access to literacy resources & math practice from home. Usernames and passwords are on cards stapled in their reading binders. Both programs are individualized to the student's ability level. Plus, I can monitor their usage and progress from home! 


5)    Board Gamesusing dice & counting the moves helps to reinforce math skills.


6)    Journal- free writing every day on any topic -- 2 sentences or more per day.  These new journals can be used to write spelling words, numbers, and for math problems. They can share their journals with friends when we get back to class. The "Fundations at home"  file can be found below. There are step by step directions made easy for practicing handwriting, basic phonics and reading skills.


7)    Cooking/Bakinglet them help at every meal to gain experiences with life skills.


8)    Craft projectsyou don’t need fancy kits. Just gather up recyclables and let them build or create something unique.  


9)    Exercise-start a family routine for wellness. Play in your yard enjoying fresh air. They can count their jumping jacks by 5's or sit ups by 10's and count out hops to 100.


10) Chores-introduce some of those chores that you’ve been wanting them to do, but just haven’t had the time to thoroughly explain or oversee properly. 


And most importantly, Cherish this time togetherAs they say, the days may seem long, but the years with your child are short. Live in the moment and soak up all the quality family time you can!  

         I encourage you to keep reading, writing, and math a part of your child’s everyday routine. This list is not homework, but it will help them to maintain the progress they have made this year. Remember, even though we are in such unusual circumstances, you are not in this alone. I am only an email away!  My last bits of advice are for you to be consistent, be extra patient, create a schedule, and give wiggle breaks when they need it ---You've got this! Tell my little ones I look forward to when we can all be in class learning together again. I wish the best of health to you and your family. 

Mrs. Kubancik

 Welcome to 
Mrs. Kubancik's


Hello families! I am Mrs. Kubancik and I love being a teacher. Let me tell you a little about myself.  I have two intelligent and athletic teenage sons who attended Glenkirk and I have been married for 20 years. I am from WV. Some of my favorite things are Mickey Mouse, dachshunds, and doing creative art projects.  I do not like coffee or tea. My favorite snacks are granola bars and fresh fruit. I like to cook and dance, but not usually at the same time. 😉

I have an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and I have two master’s degrees from West Virginia University. My MS is from the School of Medicine in Community Health Education and the other is a MA in Communication Studies for Teachers.

I've been teaching for many years and I have experience in kindergarten, first, second, and fourth grade.  I taught first grade at Glenkirk for the past six years and I loved it!  Now, I'm excited to jump into my second year of Kindergarten with all of you.  I know academically where your kids are going and I have the tools to help them achieve their personal best. 

If you are looking for advice that will guarantee success for your child I would have to say, read every single day to them consistently as though it's the most important thing you do. The growth they will have will be amazing when I do my part and you do yours. We are in for a wonderful year!

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