Dear parents and students:

First and foremost, I care about you, I am thinking of you all, and I truly miss my students dearly! Please reach out and let me know if there is anything at all I can do to help during this uncertain time. I know that this is not easy, but know that I am here for you as I can be. PWCS is posting regular updates on the county website for you to refer to as need be.
As far as student learning is concerned during our time away from each other, here is some information for you to refer to:

  • Reading - Read to or with your child daily! On Friday, I sent some students home with a bag of books. Ask your child different -WH questions at differing levels during and after you read together. Repetition of the same books is a good thing and helps to develop reading skills and confidence. Also, a drawing/writing response after reading certain books is a great thing to incorporate.
  • Sight words - If your child came home with a word ring or a word list, please practice those words repetitively. The Kindergarteners enjoy letter and sight word videos from Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel.
  • Addition materials – Students who were in class on Friday came home with a variety of materials in which to practice previously learned skills while at home. These are all materials/programs that they are already familiar with. I am certainly not requiring that ALL of this work is completed, but it does give you something to work on with your child and an idea of what they are capable of. Some students may be capable of independently completing their work, but I encourage you to support their learning as much as needed for their confidence and success. None of those materials will be taken for graded work. If you have further questions on anything that came home, let me know!
  • Raz-Kids (Reading website) - You can access the Raz-Kids from the Glenkirk Elementary school website (as well as other online resources) under the "students" tab. Most of your children should have a RAZ-kids account under their individual reading level and a known password. Books should be read and/or listened to and then have them complete the comprehension questions that are associated with each story. Please email me if you have difficulty with logging in or understanding what to do.
  • Kindergarten “Morning work binders” – If your child is in kindergarten, they brought home their work binders. In the rush, I may have forgotten to include expo markers to use with these. I apologize for that! However, these binders have a variety of materials that the students practice each day in class. This is mainly for fine-motor tracing, and practicing letters and numbers. Consider using those materials daily in different ways. Also, please refer to Ms. Schaney’s kindergarten class page for additional Kindergarten resources.

Additional thoughts and information:

Learning comes in so many ways! Engage your children in things like: cooking, crafting, organizing, dancing, and exploring.  When they are learning without even realizing it, that is magic!  Learning time does not have to be stressful for them or for you for that matter!  The last thing anyone needs right now is more stress during this uncertain time.  Enjoy your kids, engage regularly with them, challenge them to new things that they don’t normally do at home, and READ-READ-READ! I suggest that if a daily routine or schedule would work for your family, create one and use it the best you can. It is certainly helpful in our classroom. Most of all though, have grace and patience with both your child and with yourself and do the best you all can!

I will send emails on occasion with addition suggestions and resources that may be helpful throughout these next few weeks. In addition, do not hesitate to reach out for anything at all, no matter how small the request might be! I will periodically be checking my email throughout the week days. I hope to see your beautiful faces soon!

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay positive, and stay sane! ;)

Blessings always,

Mrs. Orndorff