Hello Families,
Here are some resources that your child may be able to use while they are at home. 
  • Reading - Read to or with your child daily.  On Friday, I sent a few students home with a bag filled with books.  These are books that your child can read independently to you.  Please try to fit 15-20 minutes of reading in daily. Ask your child WH questions during and after you read together. 
  • Sight words - If your child came home with a word ring please practice it together. 
  • Raz-Kids/Dreambox - You can access the Raz-Kids and Dreambox logins from the Glenkirk Elementary school website under the "students" tab.  Please email me if you have difficulty logging in.
  • BrainpopJr -  https://jr.brainpop.com/
    username:  gkesknight
    password:  knight
  • Pebblego -  https://pebblego.com/
    username:  glenkirk
    password:  school

I wanted to share some ideas for fun things to do at home.  There are ways you can make things extra special to ensure they are excited to learn.  

  • Baking or cooking is an excellent way to spend time with your child.  It helps them to understand where their food comes from and encourages them to try new things.  If they help make it, they are more likely to be excited to eat it.  Scooping, pouring, and stirring are also great for strengthening their hands and wrists.  There are many simple recipes you can find online that probably use ingredients you already have at home.
  • Art projects are another great way to use this extra time at home.  Of course you and your child can color, glue, and cut in many different ways to make crafty things, but a fun special thing to do that you probably don’t usually have time for is making your own salt dough at home.  You use one cup salt, one cup flour, and half a cup of warm water (roughly).  Mix ingredients together to form dough and you and your child can make any thing you want out of it and then you can bake it for 1 hour at 250 degrees. If it is still soft, check it every 20 min until it is hard. After it is cooled, it can be painted too!  You can also do hand prints or footprints to give away to grandparents as keepsake gifts.
  • Reading to your child is something you should be doing everyday with your child.  If you need a break though, a great resource is https://www.storylineonline.net/ This website has award winning actors reading their favorite books out loud while showing the pictures.  You can choose to let your child see the pictures on the screen or just listen to the audio while they flip through their own copy or just listen. 

Stay safe and healthy,
Mrs. Powers

Classroom Announcements
All Prince William County Public Schools are closed for the remainder of the school year. Stay posted for updates on digital learning.