Welcome to Fifth Grade!!

picture of gray castle  Castle Bedivere!!

**Message from Mrs. Thiele**
"Check the Strings Webpage for your assignments.
Look in "CALENDAR" to find out what to do - and when.
Don't let your fingers cease and those instruments go silent!!"
Music makes everything better, but playing music cures ALL.

Students have been practicing their typing in class and also learning how to use their Office 365. They can access this software at home. Please see the link on the left side of the screen. We will begin using some of the Office programs for group collaboration on assignments, etc. If you have any concerns, please let me know.

During our time away from school, you are encouraged to read 30 minutes each day to keep up your stamina! There are also plenty of activities to complete in your Class Notebook in Teams. You can also view and/print these activities from the document container below. If you have trouble remembering how to access our notebook, please look for a "how to" video in the Tutorials folder in the document container.

There are no assignments that have to be completed, nor will any grades be given for activities completed during this time. I encourage you to keep your minds fresh, but I am not mandating any assignments or activities. If you would like to make up or redo assignments or retake assessments that were given prior to March 13th to improve your grade, please let me know.

Stay safe and healthy!
Mrs. Mallon